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The wonders of crop rotation :-)

I'm completely fascinated with farming. When I was a child and studied Geography, I got crop rotation - rotating crops each year to keep the soil fertile - but I didn't relate to it at all. It was just something that farmers did.

Now it's different. Now that Be Locals has been running for a year, I can see crop rotation in action. All the fields (north of Richard's farm buildings) were full of potatoes, cabbages, beetroot, broccoli. To the south was purple sprouting broccoli and sweetcorn. Now, all of these fields are growing wheat and the fields to the west and south are now full of 1000s of vegetable seedlings. I love it! It's not a theory, it's how Richard looks after his land and how his land looks after him. There are so many variables to farming successfully - rotating crops, staggering planting so they are ready to harvest at different times, the weather that you can't control, the suitably of the crop to the soil type, insects - it feels almost precarious yet Richard and farmers like him have been doing this for many centuries and if people like Richard didn't do this, we wouldn't have any fresh veg.

Learning and appreciating farming really brings you closer to how your food is produced. It's so easy to take it for granted. Every single thing that we eat has been produced by someone who applies their skill and knowledge to bring food to your plate. Be Locals is about bringing you closer to local producers like Richard and I hope you find these little insights into his farm as interesting as I do.

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