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Meat Photo-shoot

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

These photos were taken at one of our farms the other day! Photos of delicious cuts of meat ready to be used on our website.

Joint of Sirloin Beef

I needed some photos of the meat produce for the e-commerce site which will go live on May 24th so I headed over to see Tim's farm with my friend Rich. We were both salivating because the meat was so fresh and tender, we could only imagine how good it would taste if we cooked it.

This particular cut is a sirloin joint from which you could cut some delicious steaks.

It's a prime cut and pretty trendy. I was lucky enough to cook 2 steaks from this wonderful joint. It had been hung for 4 weeks on the bone, developing flavour and getting more and more tender. Honestly, cooked pink in the middle, it was almost like fillet steak. Just a bit of salt and pepper. Amazing.

I did not know this but one of the butchers at the farm told me that many supermarkets will market '21 days aged' on their steak but they haven't hung it properly, they've just cut the steak and left it in packaging for 21 days!!

It's so hard these days to know whether what you're getting from the supermarket or in fact anywhere is what you expect. That's one of the reasons I started Be Locals. I know everything about this sirloin steak, I know what type of cattle it came from, how long it was hung for. I could find out what it was fed on, how long it spent outside or whether it spent a lot of time in a barn because of the cold. I love that knowledge. I know that someone isn't creating misleading marketing about a product. Good honest local produce made by a team of people who care about the quality of their produce from start to finish.

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