meet the farmers

paul leaning - The Butcher

Having spent a lot of time at Adsdean farm, I've got to know everyone who works there. Paul is one of the friendly butchers at Adsdean farm. He's a really friendly bloke who knows everything about meat, how to prepare it, how to make the best cuts - he's incredibly skilled. 

He really understands the meat trade and through my blog, I hope to bring many of his insights to you so you can learn more about how your meat gets from farm to fork.

When we were taking many of the pictures for the website, Paul helped us by providing all the cuts we needed for the various shots that we were taking, making sure that we didn't get them mixed up!

One day I'm going to have to ask him how he gets the knives so sharp. I've no idea how they do it because my knives at home are definitely not that sharp - maybe that's a good thing!

Paul will be preparing many of the cuts of meat for delivery by Be Locals. Your produce is in trusted hands.

richard foot - the farmer

Richard grows vegetables on his fantastic farm.

Tim Hoare from Adsdean farm put me in contact with Richard. When I met him for the first time, I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I really didn't appreciate how you grow vegetables on a farm. It's really obvious when I look back on it but I didn't get that you really have to plan when you plant so you can harvest crops when they are ready and they can't all be ready at the same time or you'll never have the resources to harvest them. The other really obvious thing that you realise is that you can't have any vegetables until they have been harvested unlike supermarkets and greengrocers who will supply you with any veg pretty much all year round. It makes you think how they do it.

Richard has a beautiful farm that backs onto Chichester Harbour. He grows many vegetables - different varieties of potato, cabbages, swedes, leeks, purple-sprouting broccoli, cauliflower - too many to mention.

Richard is a proper farmer and a fantastic bloke, warm, friendly and doing a great job producing fresh, great tasting vegetables only 15 miles from Portsmouth. 

A highlight for me was Richard pulling a leek out of the ground and giving it to me to eat. I cooked it that night in some brown butter - best leek I ever tasted!

DSCF9851 (1).jpg
tim hoare - The farmer

A real family farming business. Tim's family has been farming Adsdean farm for over 70 years. Tim took over from his father and his son works the farm too. A picture perfect farm nestled next to Kingley Vale and only 15 miles from Portsmouth.

Tim farms cattle and pigs on his land as well as growing some arable crops such as wheat.  When you visit Tim's farm, you think, this is what a farm should be like - beautiful land, well-looked after animals that are free to roam (when the weather is good) and a really friendly bunch of people.

I'd cycled past Tim's farm for years but had never seen it - any mountain-bikers who have enjoyed the fun and fast descent from the Kingley Vale Devil humps to Adsdean will have cycled past it. I was eventually put onto the farm by Toby Morgan from the Victoria Inn in West Marden after eating a delicious pie at his pub.

I'm so lucky to meet Tim because his farm ticks all the right boxes for Be Locals - local, traditional ethical farming values and most of all, fantastic great-tasting produce.